My little bit of good news!

Getting cold and wet outside is worth it 🙂

I’m really pleased to let you all know that starting on January 9th 2019 I will be the ‘Artist In Residence’ at the International School Stavanger.

The art teachers there are great, full of enthusiasm and have really inspired me to get stuck into this wonderful project!

I can’t wait to meet the students and get involved helping out with ideas and creative processes…..but if any find their way to this page and want to say hi or want to message me – brilliant, please do 🙂

They are very active in social media and happy to let me blog about my experiences there! Watch this space…

Well we leave here on Friday December 7th for a three day journey back to England – the blog will go on 😊🎄❄️🇬🇧😊

En Plein Air….. with rain, wind and hail!!!


Dusk on Stokka 9” x 12” oil on ultralight board.

With around two hours of daylight left and a weather report of ‘cloudy’ I set up my gear and started to paint. All was going well, basic sketch done, values sorted and sky colour shaped in. Then the clouds opened and down came the rain which then changed to hail all mixed in with a strong wind. I was amazed at my waterlogged palette and drenched painting rag and sipped my tea until the worst was over and then cracked on! The light changed as the sun tried to peek out but I had to continue with my original concept. I had no camera or even my phone so couldn’t really capture the fun and games. Suffice to say I am pleased to have done this little painting- I learned a lot doing it 😊☔️💨😳🇳🇴