Our last full day in England


Today was a funny old day, it’s our last day here at home in Silchester, Hampshire UK and it always gets me down when it’s time to leave. I spend the day before travelling just pacing around not knowing what to do with myself and this looked like it was going the same way until I put a cold beer in my sketch bag and headed outside.

Yards from our house stands the Calleva Arms pub, it has been here for around 300 years and back when it was first built it was called the George. It is the central hub of the village, the landlady (Keren) is gifted at knowing just what is needed in the village and organises many events along with her husband Stu and the staff are all so nice. The pub is really special to my wife and I, we came here several times when we first met and we always enjoy evenings there with our friends when we are around. makes sense to paint it I guess.

I settled on a bench just up from the pub. As I was lower down I rather liked the effect of the long yellow grasses partially obscuring the view

So, with my usual kit, Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, Schmincke Watercolour tin, Escoda size 10 sketching brush and the Rosemary size 4 I set to work, it was a beautiful afternoon and there were some thundery clouds moving around behind the treelike but I knew I’d stay dry where I was and settled down with my cold can of Punk IPA (more birthday presents like this please Cathy Curnow)…

I let the wash dry and added more layers of wet into wet saturated colour along the treeline and in the buildings… loved painting this one and it marked a special place and time for me..

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