Final sketch of my 30 day challenge

So here we are, day thirty (sorry about the order of posting, day 29 didn’t publish because I’d saved it as a ‘draft’ doh!) I seem to be on a role with product testing and a strong bias it seems going to Arches paper. I loved the rough texture the day before yesterday and the cold pressed yesterday. Today I used hot pressed to sketch a scene from a photo, it was a quick iPhone (rubbish) snap from the boat from Rovinj, croatia to the island we stayed on.

I enjoyed using the paper, again the block idea really reduces buckling however, it doesn’t eliminate it completely. The surface texture here is very smooth, comparable to a cartridge paper.

Really easy to sketch on and pencil marks are accurate and smooth, as I found when I lightly sketched out the boat and the town in the distance




Wow… here was the part I enjoyed most, I loved using an almost pointillism technique with the masses of small building and church in the distance, in some places using a little wet into wet and loving the way the Schmincke watercolour paint moved the Arches paper. After dotting the colour on I went for broad brushstrokes with a size 14 squirrel mop brush, this did’t quite go to plan, the paint was immediately sucked into the paper and the one time I’d really wanted wet into wet (for sea and sky) the paint stopped and stuttered.


I added more pigment, I loved the view of the town but my boat was an epic fail and the sea and sky flopped a little, I added a further wash on the sea after a while to make it look fluid, slight improvement but not my best. I don’t think this paper is the best for my style however I can see obvious uses for it, great for pen and small areas of wet medium, use with caution for broad wet strokes.


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