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Hello, I’m John O’Neill and welcome to Sketch Today.

With nearly everyone in the world carrying a camera enabled mobile phone with them there are so many cool photos around these days. That’s great, with that in mind I am really excited by the idea of carrying a very small portable sketching kit, then using it in open public places to really capture the feel of the experience, gain insight into the artists personality more than a photographic record.

There are some great people out there already doing it, check out the Urban Sketchers movement, and they are fitting their equipment into a pocket or a small bag and producing amazing work that I find myself really looking at and enjoying more that any snapshot taken on my phone. We could be sketching anywhere, open landscapes, urban settings or public places and what you sketch with is totally your call!

So…. A short while back I decided to set myself a little challenge ….. namely to make one sketch (at least) every day for thirty consecutive days!!

Click the link to my blog in the menu to see how it went, I started it on July 30th 2018. There were ups and downs but overall a very worthy experience and one that enlarged my confidence and skillset.

After the thirty day challenge the blog lives on so you can also look at development of artwork and plenty more sketches I have done since the challenge ended inAugust.

I’m looking at other related things now such as alternative mediums, methods and materials. Styles of painting and sketching, reviews of equipment and taking a sketch to the studio and turning it into a painting and who knows, maybe a sale!


John 🙂



About Sketch Today

As far as I can remember I have always seen drawing, doodling and painting as my ‘happy place’ from drawing little soldiers and armoured cars as a little boy on the streets of Belfast, to wives and girlfriends portraits for my homesick shipmates while in the Royal Navy and more recently to plein air sketching while out with my Labradoodle.

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Sketch kit


A friend of mine had a saying I always liked, “you don’t know what you don’t know”…. I hope that makes sense? anyway, here is the kit I will ‘start off’ using, now….. this is a work in progress and It may be spot on or there is a good chance I will need to modify it but the important thing is to get on with it.

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