Urban sketching in Stavanger with Marilyn French-St George


A couple of weeks ago I met up with a new friend I have made on the Facebook group – Urban Sketchers, her name is Marilyn and what an interesting and well travelled person!

Marilyn had been travelling and let me know she would be in my neck of the woods – Stavanger, Norway so we just had to meet up. I caught up with her already sketching near our cathedral, I dragged her away for a coffee and a chinwag which was really nice. Then we decided to take a stroll and if we found the right place we could sketch. 

Well, to my shame, Marilyn knew Stavanger better than I did and showed me some terrific little streets that I’d never ventured to before and we ended up finding a nice scene looking down at the harbour through a street with traditional Stavanger buildings each side.

We sat down and sketched, I followed Marilyn brave example as, unflustered she made herself comfy and got into the zone. She was keen to capture a figure and made a great job of it. Being a total coward in that department I got on and kept it architectural, adding figures would have given life to my sketch but we live and learn. We both used waterproof ink pens, I wimped and used pencil first, Marilyn dived in confidently with pens and then we added watercolour. We were left alone by the passers by but had some interest and maybe one lady felt inspired to dig out her painting gear which she had left in a drawer because of a wrist injury! Wish I’d grabbed her details and a photo to put up.

So here we are, a lovely day, lovely painting and a lovely new friend 🙂