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With all this life drawing distraction I wanted to keep my feel of landscape painting alive and painted a house I pass every day while out with Tanzie. It was done in stages at the school to show some 12th grade students one way of underpainting, blocking in and then adding layers until finished, Meant to be a study and done in around two hours…. here goes…..

Walking Tanzie does seem to be a time of contemplation, one morning this week I took a photo and by the afternoon I’d finished a 50 x 70 cm oil painting! It was a lot of fun and I used techniques to splash paint around in the foreground. I used a lot of Vasari oil paints in this one and had to admit being blown away by the buttery quality and massive amount of pigment in these paints! Amazing…

the photo I took on my dog walk….
…some blocking in, value suggestions and tweaks to the composition
Finished painting
Where the smugglers escaped- Lysefjord Norway ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด- Acrylic on canvas panel 50 x 70
Norwegian lighthouse 50 x 70cm oil on stretched linen

Drawing from Life at the ISS….with (?) 12th grade (?)

Understanding the grade system isn’t my strongpoint so I need to check the grade of the group, my gut feeling is… let me think …. 12th grade? Please let me know and I will fix it if I’m wrong…

This all started a few weeks back when the group looked at the guidelines used to get the anatomical features of the head and face aligned. It had been a while since I worked on any life drawing or portrait work so I decided to practice a bit and produced four studies in a week to dust the cobwebs away. The last one was a self portrait from a year or so ago…when I was in my ‘beardy’ phase…. sorry….

One thing I noticed about the class was their level of engagement and this meant they produced work of such good quality, a very focussed bunch. The students worked on a few quick poses, 5 minutes, three minutes then a single minute before using the remainder of the lesson to work on a longer study. A big thanks to all who modelled – not an easy task.

Personally I felt really inspired by the progress each individual in this group made. I found myself wanting to develop a charcoal sketch (self-portrait) into an oil study. It was a great learning curve purely because I don’t do enough portrait and figure work by far.

Self Portrait Development.

February 17th – The ISS Fine Art Fair ๐Ÿ˜Š

So itโ€™s been a few weeks since my last blog and I am a bit surprised at my terrible inactivity…..sorry about that…. anyway Iโ€™m back and thereโ€™s a lot to tell you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

I should start with the Fine Arts Fair! I didn’t take enough photos, as usual! Sorry about that, if I can track any down that parents or teachers took that are okay to make public I will add them onto here in due course.

So, it was a really great afternoon with lots of activities set up by the amazing art department team Zsuzsi, Jenny, Jeanne, Sarah and lots of arty moms and dads. I had a ‘life drawing’ section with some easels set up and an older student, Anya, a trained Ballerina holding typical ballet positions (they looked so tough to hold – but she was amazing). I did a few and the young students threw themselves into the task and produced lots of great drawings and went on to produce a fabulous mural.

I have it on good authority that the mural is still being worked on and I shall photograph it and post photos when it is all done!