Adapt and overcome!

Oil on canvas board 60 x 60 cm


So…… confession time….

One thing I try to maintain is the concept of working outdoors from life using a sketchbook or even full-on en plain air box and tripod…..well…about that…

Yesterday was very very windy here in Stavanger, Norway but while out with Tanzie the labradoodle I just got that overwhelming feeling to paint. When I get that I know it will work out well, but the weather was going to beat me plus there was only half an hour of daylight left at that time of day….yes…it was dark at 3:30 pm yesterday, so out of options I felt it was a paint indoors afternoon and I worked straight from a photo I’d taken about a week ago….. hmmmm…. practice what you preach eh!?

So this one is of a simple scene near where I live, close to beautiful Stokka Lake(s) I was attracted to the muted wintery colours, the silhouette of the treeline and the optimism of the blue in the sky. I used quite a limited palette of  cadmium yellow deep, delft blue, ivory black, raw umber, burnt umber and cremnitz white. I really enjoyed painting this, it was great not to fight the elements (my recent outdoor watercolour sketching has been interesting – palette froze, brushes froze….wow) and to be able to feel my fingers, I had tea on demand – always a winner for me.

Here it is – enjoy! Oh and I have some really great news, I can’t say what yet because I’m waiting for the administrative stuff to be finalised, I’ll tell all when I can 🙂



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