Day 20, people at the beach and a sketch from a photo

Part of being on holiday with a large family group must involve spending time together and this means sneaking off sketching isn’t the easiest thing to do….. what am I talking about?! Truth is I was enjoying taking a day to laze by the sea watching the world go by. Pangs of guilt were hitting me everytime I glanced at my trusty sketch bag so I reached out for the Hahnemuhle grey toned sketchbook and a pencil. I planned to sketch people, after all I could do with the practice.

I suffered from my usual proble of not being fast enough to capture the dynamism of people on the move, but trying is the main thing here. I must also admit that it seems to lack imagination, really? The best I could come up with is a pencil sketch, no conte crayons or ink like I was blurting on about days ago…. I wasn’t going to settle for this. I didn’t want to repeat other scenes I’d already sketched so I took myself off somewhere and sketched from a photo of the town on the mainland Guest blogger Jo and I had visited yesterday.

 I got comfortable at a table outside the hotel bar and used the combination I regularly favor namely, HB pencil, followed by Rotring Tikky 0.4mm pen on Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook and colour courtesy of my pretty cool Schmincke Horadam Watercolour travel tin. I loaded a photo I really loved from yesterday (taken on my iPhone….groan) and got to work. I attracted quite a few passers by who stopped to watch and were very positive and encouraging and I really enjoyed the experience although a purist would have preferred me to be standing in the street sketching from life. I tend to agree but needs must.

I carried on layering and made a real effort to show light and shadow, not greatly evident as the photo shows but I’m learning, at least it feels like I’m learning to the point I now see shadows and know where I should try to place them. it’s harder than it sounds (I’m making excuses 😳)

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