Day 21 – stoned on the beach

Oh dear, this is awful but at the time I thought it was a cool idea. While on the beach I was given a lovely flat stone but my eight year old nephew and all round funny chap – Bruno. He was really pleased to have found he and showed me that someone had painted on it in a fat gold coloured pen….

So…. later that day and from memory of the sketch I did on Wednesday of the little island with the lighthouse on it I drew the image on it using a small selection of Sakura Micron waterproof (I hope) pens. In the end I actually did this on three stones although I forgot to photograph the other two and I left them where I hope they will be found on the beach. The one shown is possibly still on what I later discovered was a naturist beach, I left it there the following day after doing the next sketch of my challenge. The beach was beautiful. It was empty when I started…. ahem! That’s another story. I added the blog address so maybe I’ll get a comment from the lovely naturist who finds this stone or the other two, who knows?!

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