Day 5, let’s be positive about this rain then!

All kinds of weather interests and attracts me, it’s the same for the seasons! Different colours and light mean we are spoilt for choice. Rain however does present some problems, it means logistically I might need to carry a form of shelter, the rain can wet your palette or worse still it can ruin your work. Setting up cameras and hoping big splats don’t land on the lenses is a concern too… but…. aren’t I being a little negative here? I shall make the best of it, right now I have no plan for day fives sketch when it comes to the subject but I am tempted to sketch the people who walk past my house, not from photos but quickly from life in the short opportunity I have before they disappear out of view?

It’s a little different to how I expected this to turn out, I’d thought it would be all cool buildings and landscapes and I’m not ruling that out but it’s crazy not to do this! I like people so why not sketch them??

Okay…I’m on it……


Well that was the plan! I did stand in the rain and made several sketches using various drawing tools (pencils, pens and conte crayons) although not many people passed by due to the rain I imagine.

Nearly every person was on a bike and the average time they were exposed to me was around seven or eight seconds.


There were a handful of joggers and they took around fifteen seconds to pass through and only one person walking (dressed in full jogging gear but walking along with an umberella?)

I sketched what I could, but realised that as the subjects passed from one side to another I had front views through to side views and then rear view so this was quite a touchy. As the rain splatted on my sketchbook and my back started to ache from standing I went indoors (with a cup of tea) and sat next to the window and did a bit more. When I was waiting for subjects I sketched my dog and even conte crayoned the view up the lake.

Before you judge harshly not one of these sketches took more than one minute to do. I am guilty of taking a long time over a sketch and while my results are not much to write home about I think they are a good exercise and probably something I should be doing more of.

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