Day four, more cloud, more rain, no car….. what am I going to do?

Today was wet and windy and I was without the car, I also thought by working indoors I could develop my way of working so I decided on a nice scene from Sunday taken in the lovely harbour at Stavangar.

The gear I used was the same as yesterday, the Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, HB pen, Rotring tikky 0.2mm waterproof black ink pen, Schminke watercolour box and a size ten Kolinski sable, round sketching brush.  so I got to work by sketching in some basic shapes with the pencil, some realignment was needed and the putty rubber was put to use.

Then came the easy and therapeutic part…. going over my important lines in ink…

After a little bit of colour….

Then a bit more and I was…well…done!!

Overall I enjoyed this and can definitely feel a style or perhaps a ‘comfort zone’ coming on. I’m sketching in pencil, going over it in pen then laying washes. There’s no real attempt to capture accurate lights and darks yet and wow… it’s taking me ages! I’m considering some very quick sketch exercises to encourage speed and prioritisation of line choice. That’s one for another day perhaps.

In addition I’m tackling some subjects that perhaps I’d usually chicken out of, like boats and people, but they’re essential to add life and stop the scene looking like a ghost town. Watercolour isn’t the easiest medium to correct mistakes with but that is helping with discipline and using lines is a bit of a safety net. Going a bit minimalist with lines may well be worthy of some experimentation as I have seen some lovely effects that don’t involve pen and ink under the washes.

Something that is starting to interest me is the potential to use conté crayons, they’re a sort of pastel and it would really cut down on the equipment I’m carrying. Next Friday Jo and I head off to England then Croatia, back to England and then returning to Norway near the end of the month. Hmmmm…. so you could say four days of the next fortnight or so will be in airports and on planes….is watercolour a practical option? I’m thinking no and will have to consider an alternative set of gear to take with me!


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