Do I really need my desktop computer for this???


If I’m on holiday and without my desktop computer  can I still blog?

The short answer is yes!!!! When I checked my calendar I had a horrible thought- I go to England and then Croatia in August for a week a piece and this means if I can only blog via the iMac I’ll have to wait until late August or early September to start my thirty day challenge.

This took the wind out of my sails because I was starting to make a big build up in my mind over this whole thing 😳….. so I decided to experiment and won’t bore you with the details but….. I took the photos of me trying to operate my posh new camara remotely from my phone! I’ve uploaded them remotely from the camera to my phone and put them into this blog on my phone!!!! I’m so pleased!! So if I get it to work outside as I’d need it to on location then I’m virtually ready to go and I can stop my pathetic procrastinating and do it!!

Right I’m gonna celebrate with a cup of English black tea ☕

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