Drawing from Life at the ISS….with (?) 12th grade (?)

Understanding the grade system isn’t my strongpoint so I need to check the grade of the group, my gut feeling is… let me think …. 12th grade? Please let me know and I will fix it if I’m wrong…

This all started a few weeks back when the group looked at the guidelines used to get the anatomical features of the head and face aligned. It had been a while since I worked on any life drawing or portrait work so I decided to practice a bit and produced four studies in a week to dust the cobwebs away. The last one was a self portrait from a year or so ago…when I was in my ‘beardy’ phase…. sorry….

One thing I noticed about the class was their level of engagement and this meant they produced work of such good quality, a very focussed bunch. The students worked on a few quick poses, 5 minutes, three minutes then a single minute before using the remainder of the lesson to work on a longer study. A big thanks to all who modelled – not an easy task.

Personally I felt really inspired by the progress each individual in this group made. I found myself wanting to develop a charcoal sketch (self-portrait) into an oil study. It was a great learning curve purely because I don’t do enough portrait and figure work by far.

Self Portrait Development.

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