Important dates!


Hello everyone, so the first day of my new 30 day sketching challenge will be July 30th 2018 and the last day will be August 28th. This is exciting because it will involve me sketching and blogging from here in Norway, some from Hampshire in England and then more from a family holiday in Croatia. I am sure I will have to include some sketches made while travelling.

I feel a mix of nervousness and excitement and I really look forward to hearing from people who are interested in sketching, not just the Urban sketcher community but people who just like to doodle in their living room or even serious artists any out there. It would also be interesting to have comments and subscribers, not just about the sketching but equipment and technical site management and activity recording.

Please drop me a line in the comments box here or go to the contact me section in the menu. You can share this on social media and sign up to a mailing list in the cheeky little pop-up menu that appears after logging into the blog!

Johnny – 23rd July 2018

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