Sketch kit


A friend of mine had a saying I always liked, “you don’t know what you don’t know”…. I hope that makes sense? anyway, here is the kit I will ‘start off’ using, now….. this is a work in progress and It may be spot on or there is a good chance I will need to modify it but the important thing is to get on with it.

Let me know what you use, or if you have any ideas that could help me, the bag seemed small at first but I think it is a little overkill now…. wouldn’t it be great to just carry what I need in a trouser or jacket pocket? I hope to gain the experience and confidence to whittle it into the least gear I need to make cool sketches and not be kicking myself for being unprepared.

I’ve recorded a short video explains the gear I’m planning to use, please click on the link and have a peek.

sketch kit demo 1a_9950_25MB


Happy sketching