Back in Stavanger…. busy busy busy

Well it’s the second last day of my 30 day sketch challenge and inspired by the wonderful Arches paper I used yesterday (and I’m totally converted to it) I got hold of a smaller block (10 x 25 cm) of finer paper: for the technically minded Cold pressed 300 g/m2 – 140lb.

I thought it couldn’t get any better than the rough paper I used yesterday but this is something else! Again, it’s a block and is secured around all four sides and this limits (but doesn’t fully remove) buckling when wet. I laid down a wash and there was a slight surface change but nothing too distressing. I had started this sketch using a Khadi papers block but it buckled so badly I abandoned the sketch. Disappointing really, I had high hopes for that paper, it looks like it can handle wet medium… never mind! Another lesson learned.

Last night I took a very quick stroll with Tanzie the labradoodle and it was a beautiful evening, the sun wasn’t quite at the horizon but was peeking out behind the trees and the sky was a lovely peach colour. I reached for my iPhone and took a photo, like most of my iPhone photos it was virtually useless to me but it had the basic composition so I got to work. I wet the Arches paper and laid some cadmium orange and Naples yellow on it, I was painting with my original Schmincke tin because it has a few extra colours I fancied using (Cadmium orange for example) as I got to the horizon I added a small amount of carmine and then cerulean blue in the foreground.

As you can see there was only a tiny amount of buckled surface so I played ball with Tanzie, got a refill on my tea and then it was dry enough to add more paint. I’d give a little word of caution to those of us who are used to the Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, although I can’t deny the Arches paper is in a different class, the Arches paper takes a little longer to dry but to my untrained eye looks ready for the next layer and I’ve had a few ‘wet-into-wet’ surprises.

Using cerulean blue, quinacridone gold, caput mortuum, neutral tint and touches of burnt umber I made a variety of greens and formed a wet into wet row of trees and allowed some of the peachy sky to peek through.

I was starting to feel good about the wet into wet treeline and the way the colours in the trees and sky complimented each other. I had to wait impatiently to get my next wash down, it’s a good job tanzie was curled up at my feet with her tennis ball in her mouth ready to pass a bit of time playing catch.

Once the paper had dried I added darker washes of wet into wet, lots of cerulean blue and burnt sienna an a colour I had never thought of using a month ago… neutral tint!