Week 1 at ISS (International School Stavanger)

This week saw my first few days at the international school Stavanger, Norway as Artist in Residence!

All very flash! I suppose on the lead up to Wednesday (my first day) I had a funny mix of imposter syndrome and confidence but there was no real reason to worry, all I had was a warm welcome absolutely everywhere I visited. Check out this poster some very thoughtful students made for me!

I also spotted some of my work was on display in the school lightbox!

Before classes started the school photographer took a really lovely picture of the very cool members of the art department (Zsuzsi, Jenny and Jeane).

We started with some classes after that and the students were using pen and ink (a tough discipline for me) to make parts of their own faces, these will soon be amalgamated to make one scary monster face. I spent a bit of time talking to the students and their enthusiasm was immense and left me feeling inspired.

We all popped to the theatre for a brief on the forthcoming production – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, not before I found myself on stage having a work out!! We returned to the art classes and started work on the poster design, I loved the way communication was no problem for anyone and we really progressed with our ideas.

The next day I met some older students, one was keeping a sketchbook which was so full of great work I was amazed and a bit jealous, another student taught me a little bit about Photoshop, I think I need to experiment with it and I can understand how valuable a tool it is and very necessary for the future in art.

I spent some time exploring the school and set up a little table near the canteen to sketch people…. very tricky, everyone is so full of energy and moves so quickly, but I’m pleased to say I managed to get a doodle into my sketchbook and I have made a pastel sketch (did I just say pastel???) Not really my medium but something was telling me to use it (my keyboard is covered in chalky dabs as a result). Anyway….here is the picture.

On Friday afternoon I worked with two year 2 classes who are the most fun to be around I’ve had in years! All were enthusiastic and very happy! We spent some time with me demonstrating a quick sketch of what we could see out of the window and off they all went to try it for themselves. Right before my eyes everyone turned into amazingly talented young artists! They had great ideas of their own and were fearless of the crisp fresh white paper in front of them! I couldn’t ask for better and I think we are trying painting next week…. I am going to love that sooooo much!!!

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  1. This is such a joy to read on a gloomy Sunday evening. Your enthusiasm is leaping from the page and is rather invigorating. Obviously a fantastic start to your new role; what a welcome you’ve received too! We are looking forward to reading more, and hopefully hearing about it before too many weeks go by. More photos next time, please… 🙂

  2. It sounds absolutely amazing!! You’re an enthusiastic teacher. Beautiful paintings flow from your hand as if it was a natural connection from seeing a scene to putting it on canvas/paper.

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